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At Creative Color, we are constantly experimenting with and testing new materials and methods of fabrication to give our customers the best possible value in our products. The materials listed below have earned their place as standard items. If you need a special item or unique usage, just ask. We love a challenge!

Signs & Posters
White opaque film
up to 72” wide
Photobase paper
up to 72” wide
Premium presentation
up to 54” wide
up to 54” wide
Scrim vinyl
up to 60” wide
Banner fabric
up to 54” wide
Poplin fabric
up to 50” wide
Cotton fabric
up to 50” wide
Exhibit & Special Use
up to 72” wide
up to 72” wide
Adhesive vinyl
up to 54” wide
Static cling
up to 36” wide
Clear film
up to 50” wide
Polycarbonate (Lexan)
up to 50” wide
Mounting Materials
1 mm, 3 mm
3/16 in, 1/2 in
1/8 in, 1/4 in
Cold Laminate
5 mm
Hot Laminate
5 mm, 10 mm

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