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To save you money and turnaround time on large-format color printing, we prefer to work directly from your Macintosh or PC application files. The following is some helpful information to keep in mind when preparing files for large-format color digital printing.

Acceptable Transfer Media
• 3.5 inch, double sided, high density disk (PC and Mac)
• I-Omega zip cartridge
• CD (preferred)
• Photo CD

Application Compatibility:
Creative Color is compatable with the most popular and current versions of software applications. We can also work with your TIFF, EPS, and PostScript files. When sending application files, please make sure you include all LINKED graphics. Ideally, convert all fonts to curves also. If you can’t do this, send BOTH printer and screen fonts used in each file. Also supply a hard copy from a standard PostScript color laser printer.

Macintosh and PC applications:
QuarkXPress, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Çorel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Posterworks

Information About Image Resolution
The quality of your large-format print is directly related to the quality of the scanned imageS in your document. In general, to get the best output, your file must be created be a minimum of 150 dpi at output size.

If you have a VECTOR file (a file comprised entirely of line-based art), you most likely can size it up to any desired size.

If your file is PHOTOGRAPHIC, or includes photographic images, it can be output to your desired size, AS LONG AS YOUR IMAGES ARE high enough resolution to be output to size at 150 dpi.

If you do not know if your image will be high enough resolution, call us and we can let you know. Always err on the side of caution, as the resolution of your files is the MOST important thing in the final quality of your large print.

Scanning Formula

Example: Enlarging an 8x10in original file size to an output size of 24x36 inches.

Printed Size Original image size Desired Print Resolution
(X+Y) / (X+Y) x 150 (dpi) =
(24 + 36) / (8 + 10) x 150 (dpi) = 500 dpi

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